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Single Sided Tapes

LeadEdge Flexo Limited stocks a comprehensive range of single sided tapes which are ideally suited to many applications in the flexographic printing process. Our products include cross weave filament tape, masking tape, black cloth tape, vinyl tape and toffee tape.


Specifically designed for the liquid plate making process, we also stock foam damning tape and red lithographic tape.


All tapes are available in any width and quantity.


Double Sided Tapes

LeadEdge Flexo Limited are recipient to a full range of double side tapes and double sided stereo mounting tapes. Our range has been specifically designed with the plate mounting processes in mind and offers consistent and improved print results for the most demanding needs in the industry.


Our range includes:-

  • 4,6,8,10,12 Thou Filmic Mounting Tapes, various liners available.
  • 10, 11, 15 thou Cloth stereo mounting tapes
  • Double sided edging profile tape, splicing tapes.
  • All tapes can be supplied in any width.


Profiles or Carrier Edging Strips

LeadEdge are proud to boast the most comprehensive range of lead and trail edge profiles in the flexographic printing supplies market. Manufactured from rigid PVC, there is a profile for every corrugated lead and trail edge locking system. We hold large quantities of stock and are happy to adhere to any bespoke requests.


LeadEdge profiles include Single and double lip section, J section, extended J section, clip section, extended clip section, V section and bead section (9mm x 3mm)


LeadEdge are also stockists of a variety of branded profiles used worldwide such as Container Graphics Plateloc System which employs their patented lead and trail edge strip.




LeadEdge Flex-Mount is the ideal mounting material for the flexographic and corrugated printing processes. Consistent in height, natural curve and easy adherence Flex-mount has become an industry standard in corrugated.


LeadEdge Flex-Mount is yellow PVC material 750mic/30 Thou in height.


Mounting Film 


LeadEdge are the premier polyester film supplier in the flexographic printing supplies market. Through an integral knowledge of the polyester film market we can accommodate any film request no matter how big or small. Converting to any specific requirements and any roll length. LeadEdge supply all thickness's of polyester mounting film (1 thou-20 thou) in glass clear, opaque and hazy.


Drafting, Proofing and BOPP Films

We are suppliers of a full range of drafting, proofing and BOPP films for the flexographic and corrugated printing industries. They are available in single and double matt and in various thickness and sizes.


All consumables used in the flexographic printing trade are held in stock at LeadEdge, we have a range including plate sealer, scalpel blades and handles, tension bands, eyelets and eyeleting tools. LeadEdge also has an enviable network of suppliers and can source and supply any product.

Flexofoam Plate Backing Material

Flexofoam is our own abbreviation of cushioned plate backing material for corrugated post print. Used throughout the industry to support thin photopolymer plates to not only reduce costs but also improve many aspects of print. The closed cell structure allows for excellent re-bound characteristics leading to less fluting and consistent ink coverage on corrugated board. The grade of PE foam used in Flexofoam has been specifically identified to give less stretch during application, leading to a considered decrease in low points during print. Flexofoam is available in a variety of thicknesses, please e-mail for more information.

Magnetic Flexofoam Blankets

Magnetic blankets for corrugated print presses were introduced to the corragated market some years ago. Leadedge played a pivitol roll in the development of this revolutionary product. Used to decrease board crush and fluting and maximise print quality the magnetic Flexofoam system also decreases time dramtically during change over. Already used in the major corragators nationally and internatioanlly, for more details please e-mail

Base Film and Masking Film 

Base film and Masking film is an integral part to the liquid photopolymer plate making process, We have build a special relationship with the country’s leading supplier of these specialist products. Quality and precision have become the common factors of the products supplied and LeadEdge are proud to represent this in the marketplace.