A: There is no apparent proven benefit of using embossed foam. The process of embossing foam uses heat, this almost acts like a second foaming process, so in turn, can decrease tolerance and stability.

 A: Within the industry, many products can have 4 or 5 different names globally. Please just call or email and ask, the chances are we can supply it!

 A: Yes. There is a detailed list of benefits on the “cbak™” products page.

 A: Ultrasonic heat sealing is a process used to bond two similar substrates together. In the case of Plate Carriers/Clichés, it offers a much stronger bond than stitching and an accurate and cleaner product with less chance of contamination.

 A: LeadEdge believes that the way forward in our industry is to continually innovate and push boundaries. To enable our industry to open new market possibilities and survive in the face of other print processes we have to keep offering customers new and innovative products to enhance the Flexo process and improve productivity.

 A: LeadEdge has a standardised product range in alignment with the global market they supply. Should you not see what you require or if you have a specific specification you would like matched, we are happy to help.

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